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We know that you’re here to fulfill a specific goal. In addition to support from your instructor, your tuition includes tutoring to support you in achieving the grades you need.

You can sign up for a tutor by contacting your instructor or the Accelerated Sciences department. In most cases, your tutor will work with your instructor to develop a tutoring strategy based on both your self-reported areas of weakness and your class performance. If you are willing to put in the time and make use of available resources, we will work with you to achieve your goals.

Graduate School Workshops

Take advantage of completing your science prerequisites at a health sciences university. Students in Accelerated Science classes have the chance to attend university workshops on topics like how to apply to graduate school in the health sciences and what it’s like being a graduate student in Physician Assistant/Nursing/Medical school. Students can also participate in talks and symposia given by healthcare experts at SCU.


Credit transfer decisions are always made by the receiving institution, usually on a case-by-case basis, so SCU cannot guarantee the transferability of our courses. Students should contact their transferring institution first to determine their credit transfer policies. You may be asked for a syllabus for your course so download it from the relevant course page to submit to your institution. SCU Accelerated Science course credits have been successfully transferred to various health sciences universities.

Students enrolling in Accelerated Science classes must have a high school diploma, GED or equivalent.  We recommend prerequisites for some courses, but we do not require that you provide proof of having completed a recommended prerequisite.

You should know that your chance of success in the course is greatly improved if you have recent, basic knowledge in Math, Chemistry and Biology.  If you don’t have the recommended foundational knowledge or if it’s been a while since you last took science classes, you should plan to spend more time studying to catch up with classmates who may have more recent foundational knowledge. The instructors and tutors in the Accelerated Science department are here to support you in these cases.

All classes attempted at SCU are recorded on the SCU transcript – no exceptions. If you withdraw from the class at any point during the 5 weeks of the class, a grade of “W” will be recorded on your transcript. A grade of “W” has no impact on your GPA.

You are eligible for a pro-rated refund for your class during the first four weeks of class. There is no refund if you drop after the fourth week.

Student who drop or withdraw from Accelerated Sciences courses will be eligible for a tuition refund according to the table below.  Fees and other charges are not refundable. Please note: refunds are based upon the start of the week and term, not the actual first day of class.

SCU utilizes Canvas as our Learning Management System. You can access Canvas through mySCU.

There is a virtual orientation available through mySCU that will guide you through SCU policies. Each course also has a course orientation.

SCU provides free parking for all students. Fill out the parking request form (available through mySCU), print out the parking pass at home and park in any of the student parking lots on campus.

No, lab materials are included in your tuition.

No, textbooks are included in your tuition.

A registration fee of $50 is required for every course.

There is no way to answer with a 100% certainty which modality all students perform better in. Our recommendation is to be aware of your learning style. If you perform well independently, with few questions to ask while taking classes, online may be a better fit for you. If you perform better with group assignments and frequent face to face time with your instructor, online interactive or on-campus may be a better fit for you.

No.  The campus is centrally located near a variety of apartments, hotels, and online marketplace housing like Airbnb.  Whittier is in close proximity to Buena Park, the home of Knott’s Berry Farms, which has abundant hotels and restaurants.

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