Psychology I

Psychology I

Course Description

Examines basic psychological concepts, such as the nervous system, memory, intelligence and development along with Freudian, humanistic, social, cognitive, and trait theories.

Highly Recommended Prerequisite: High School Diploma or equivalent

This course is the first in a two part series covering a general study of life processes, emphasizing basic concepts of biology suitable as a general education elective for non-science majors.

Course Structure

Multiple types of courses are available based on the student’s preferred method of learning.


Both On-Ground classes and Interactive Online classes take place during scheduled class time and require students to meet the attendance and participation requirements set by instructors. On-Ground classes meet in person while Interactive Online classes meet on Zoom (i.e. in a synchronous format). Both formats utilize a mix of presentations and small group discussions where students learn to tie key foundational concepts to clinical practice and other real-world applications. Self-Paced Online classes are designed for students to study independently on their own schedule under the guidance of an instructor (i.e. in an asynchronous format). There are no attendance requirements in scheduled class sessions, but students must interact regularly with their instructor and meet assignment due dates to demonstrate their understanding of course content. Students can set up appointments to meet individually or in small groups with instructors as needed via Zoom.


Lab courses provide hands-on experiences that complement the lectures. Online labs simulate hands-on learning while reinforcing problem-solving skills required in healthcare settings. In On-Ground labs, students have access to dedicated lab resources at SCU’s campus, including chemistry, microbiology.

Student Support

Regardless of how students choose to learn, tutoring in any subject is available to fit student schedules. Students can also take advantage of exclusive SCU health sciences workshops, student events, and symposia offered by the University.

This course is typically needed for:

  • Nursing Programs
  • Physical Therapy Programs
  • Pharmacy Programs
  • Occupational Therapy Programs
  • Medical Schools
  • Veterinary Programs
  • Dentistry Programs
  • Chiropractic Programs
  • Optometry Programs

Available Formats

All classes at SCU are recorded the same way on transcripts; there is no indication of format.

On-Campus Lecture
  • Online
    • Interactive Online Lecture (Synchronous)
    • Interactive Online Lab (Synchronous)
    • Self-Paced Online Lecture (Asynchronous)
    • Self-Paced Online Lab (Asynchronous)
    • Self-Paced Online Lecture (Asynchronous) & Self-Paced Online Lab (Asynchronous)
  • On-Ground
    • On-Ground Lecture
    • On-Ground Lab
    • On-Ground Lecture & Lab
  • Online & On-Ground
    • Interactive Online Lecture (Synchronous) & On-Ground Lab

Self-Paced Online Lecture (Asynchronous)

  • Access to electronic textbook
  • Lab materials (when applicable)
  • Supplemental study resources
  • Regular tutoring
Lecture Credits

3 Credits



  • Feb 13, 2023 - Mar 19, 2023
    Class Schedule

    No specific class times 




    5 Weeks

  • Mar 20, 2023 - Apr 23, 2023
    Class Schedule

    No specific class times 




    5 Weeks

Transferable Single Course Credits

Our regionally accredited courses are designed to meet the standard requirements for most healthcare graduate programs. Before enrolling, check to confirm with your institution that your course will transfer.

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