Math - Accelerated Sciences

Calculus II

MATH275 Calculus II Course Description Calculus II covers integration techniques. This begins with anti-derivatives, integration by parts, integrals of trigonometric products, partial fractions, substitution and trigonometric substitution. Hyperbolic functions. Improper Integrals, sequences and series, polar coordinates, parametric equations and conic sections. This course is the first in a two part series covering a general study […]

Calculus I

MATH270 Calculus I Course Description Calculus I covers the first half of fundamental calculus. This includes functions, limits, continuity, derivatives of all functions including trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic, inverse trigonometric, and implicit functions. Applications of derivatives, including max/min problems and L’Hopitals rule. Definite and Indefinite Integrals, The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, substitution rule and applications. Highly […]


MATH213 Statistics Course Description This course introduces fundamental tools of quantitative methods in research such as data collection, organization, presentation, analysis, and interpretation. Attention is given to tabulation, graphic presentation of data, measure of central tendency, variability, the normal curve, probability, and statistical inference, linear correlation, and research methods. Students will conduct statistical analyses using […]

College Algebra

MATH111 College Algebra Course Description This course prepares science majors for the calculus sequence and algebra-based physics emphasizing basic concepts of algebra and is also suitable as a general education elective for non-science majors. Concepts to be covered in this course include: basic concepts of algebra, equations, and inequalities along with functions and graphs, polynomial […]

Intermediate Algebra

MATH90 Intermediate Algebra Course Description This course is a prerequisite course for lower-division transfer math courses such as College Algebra. It covers a general review of elementary algebra, linear and quadratic equations, curve plotting, exponents, radicals, polynomials, systems of equations/inequalities, nonlinear equations, logarithmic and exponential functions, complex numbers, and applications. Highly Recommended Prerequisite: Elementary Algebra […]